The growing use of recreational drugs in a sexualised environment has become of serious concern - with a dramatic increase in rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and Hep C among men who have sex with men - and aligned with this are major problems for gay and bisexual mens psychological and emotional health. The combination of sex on drugs has been coined by the media and users as 'chemsex'.

The developments I have steered are pioneering - bringing new ways of working to the NHS, creating new relationships between drug services and sexual health services, introducing free slamming kits and g dosers to NHS clinics and leading on media campaigns to reduce harm. My new service developments, interviews and essays on this subject have been reported across both national and international press.

Based on decades of working with the MSM communities in the NHS, I am now providing a therapeutic approach to drug use and sex for gay and bisexual men privately, combining the behavioural approach offered by NHS and drugs agencies with a more psychodynamic intervention. This form recognises the social and sexual complexities that impact on gay and bisexual men, and explores change from a deeper, longer term perspective.

 This is based at the Bethnal Green practice. Referrals into specialised NHS and drug agency services can also be made if necessary. If you are considering undertaking therapy for this issue, part of our contract will be to have abstained from using recreational drugs at least 48 hours before each session.