What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the process of talking about what might be on your mind, and exploring the emotional difficulties or problematic situations you may be experiencing. Through the deeper understanding of oneself, there comes the possibility of resolution and change. Considering therapy and getting in touch with a therapist is perhaps one of the most vital parts of this journey.

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An assessment session is a 50 minute introduction to the therapy I provide. We can talk about what is on your mind, the way in which I work, and it's an opportunity for you to see how comfortable you feel working with me. Should you decide that I'm not the therapist for you, there is no fee. If you wish to progress, the assessment fee is added to the monthly payment. Sessions are available in Bethnal Green, East London.

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The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy of which I'm an accredited, registered member has an excellent website describing the process of therapy, and a directory of therapists who have undergone a rigorous training. You may want to see a number of therapists before deciding on who you wish to work with - therapy is a commitment of time and money, as well as to the process itself.

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